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This page was set up at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to give our Vicar, Rev Mark Williams, a means of communicating with members of the Priory Church and others in the parish. There are 174 letters in the series covering both the periods of closure of the church and also the period during which services have been streamed live on Facebook.

All of these letters remain on file and if you are looking for a particular copy, please contact the Webmaster quoting either the date or number of the letter required.

In future it is proposed only to show the most recent letters on this page.

Please select from the following:

April 2nd (172)

April 8th (173)

April 10th (supplement to 173)

April 13th (174) Maundy Thursday

April 16th (175)

April 23rd (176)

April 30th (177)

May 7th (178)

May 13th (179)

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May 13th 2022