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During the present crisis our church is closed for public worship and private prayer. This page has been set up so that our Vicar, Rev Mark Williams, has a means of communicating with members of the Priory Church and others in the parish.

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19th 1st 16th 1st 20th 4th 4th 2nd 10th 7th 5th
20th 3rd 17th 2nd 22nd 5th 8th 15th 25th 10th 9th
21st 3rd 18th 3rd 23rd6th 11th 23rd 26th 24th 9th
22nd 4th 19th 4th 27th 7th 13th 30th 28th 25th 13th
22nd 5th 20th 6th 28th 11th 19th 16th
24th 6th 21st 7th 29th 13th 23rd 18th
25th 8th 23rd 9th 30th 16th 26th 19th
26th 9th 24th 11th 31st 18th
28th 10th 25th 13th 20th
28th 11th 26th 15th 24th
29th 11th 27th 16th 26th
30th 12th 29th 16th 28th
12th 30th 18th

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November 19th 2020