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Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, sadly many of our regular and annual events have had to be cancelled. We are pleased to announce however that as a result of the lifting of some restrictions we are now looking forward to two concerts in our church in the near future:

1) On Sunday, 26th September at 3 pm local flautist, Abigail Fletcher, will give a flute recital. Further details, including booking arrangements, are to be found here.

2) On Sunday, 10th October also at 3 pm our Organist, Chris Brown, will give an organ recital. Details of this event can be found here.

Please note: as a precautionary measure we politely request that for both events face masks are worn when moving around in the church. Hand sanitisers are available as you enter and leave and the seating is arranged so that social distancing may be observed. Thank you.

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Revised: September 2021