23rd April 2017 : 2nd Sunday of Easter






Tuesday 25th April



Wednesday 26th April


followed byÖ.


Thursday 27th April



Friday 28th April



Saturday 29th April


                           13.00††† Wedding of Thomas Waterhouse††† & Gemma Harvey


Next Sunday: ††††††††††† 3rd Sunday of Easter


                           10.00††† Family Communion with Friday Knights drama




Our housebound folk and the residents of local care homes; all who work in our local supermarkets and retail outlets; market stall holders; those affected by online bullying and those who seek to make the Internet a safer place.




Our APCM is on 26th April, which is THIS WEDNESDAY. Now is the time to consider what you might be able to bring by volunteering for the PCC in any capacity. All roles are due for election, including those of churchwarden, secretary and treasurer, so please donít be put off because someone is currently doing a particular job: God might be calling you to replace someone who would love to step down but fears nobody else will take over! Please pray for God to prompt people to offer. The Electoral Roll is also being revised, so do check that you are on it and ask for a form if in doubt. (See Barry Fisher or call 01778 347312)